Donate Crypto. Change Lives

Learn More Cryptocurrency that allows people to raise crypto for events to challenging circumstances like accidents and illnesses or real world emergencies. Start Your Campaign

0 Fees for Charity Organizations

Learn More We at GHOST believe that charity organizations do not have to pay any fees to use our platform, if you are a registered charity organization you can crowdfund on our website 100% FREE

Raise Ether

Learn More By participating on a GHOST Crowdfund the beneficiaries will receive ETHER, we will deploy a crowdfund smart contract for each cause.


Step 1

  • Start your campaign
  • Setup your fundraising goal
  • Share your story
  • Add videos and pictures

Step 2

  • Share it with the people you know
  • Share on social media
  • Send emails
  • And much more

Step 3

  • Manage crypto donations
  • Accept crypto donations
  • Thank your contributors
  • Withdraw your crypto funds


Btc campaing test

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Help me go to College

I really want to go to college but can not affort it. I am really motivated to study engineering because that has always been my dream. Every contribution is much appriciated.

Help me become GHOST VETERAN

Hello fellow Ghosties. I created this crowdfund because I believe Ghost is the future and I would love to be an owner of Ghost masternode once they are implemented. My plan is to run masternode and to HODL those 20.000 ghost coins for the long term of 5-10 years. I […]

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Why Choose GHOST?

Our organization is about giving back and raising lots of money in crypto for great causes and events. Our platform will offer the services of various participating legitimate associations and individual crowdfunding operations. Each entity or association will be displayed on our platform with an attached progress bar, so those donating can monitor the progress of each project.


Extremely Low Fees


Give to the ones that need it the most


Maximize tax advantages for your gift


No Goal Requirements


Share your story


No Boundaries