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Btc campaing test

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The Sharkstead – Thriving Food Forest and Homestead

Hello there Ghost Community!
Myself and my partner have recently purchased a small traditional Bulgarian house in the region of Veliko Tarnavo.
Our Aim:
To use crowd sourced funds and life savings to escape the city lifestyle and refurbish the house and land into a thriving organic, GMO-free food forest

Help me become GHOST VETERAN

Hello fellow Ghosties.
I created this crowdfund because I believe Ghost is the future and I would love to be an owner of Ghost masternode once they are implemented. My plan is to run masternode and to HODL those 20.000 ghost coins for the long term of 5-10 years. I

Ghost campaing test

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Help me go to College

I really want to go to college but can not affort it. I am really motivated to study engineering because that has always been my dream. Every contribution is much appriciated.

How It Works

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In this stage we will need three photos. The first photo of your Government Issued ID; The second a Photo of you holding the ID; The third of his face with his signature.

Campaign Information

In this last step, provide all the data related to your campaign. We will contact you if we have any further questions.