An Intro to GHOST CROWDFUNDING – the GoFundMe of Crypto

An Intro to GHOST CROWDFUNDING- the GoFundMe of Crypto


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The desire to promote the welfare of others, expressed especially by the generous donation of money to good causes.

The concept is something so many of us stand behind and subscribe to, yet the experience can make some of us lose faith in humanity.


Let me clarify. Everywhere we turn we can find some new “charitable” organization ready to accept our checks, our dollars, our charge cards to make a donation to someone or something in need. It could be tropical storm victims, third world countries, or a family who can’t afford the medical costs for a child battling cancer. There are so many who are less fortunate than us. But do all of our funds actually reach the intended recipient?

I’m sure more than once your phone has rung and your mailbox has been filled with appeals for donations. But charitable giving has it’s own set of issues. Non-profits are extremely complex in the way they manage payments, regardless of whether it’s by credit card, debit, or ACH. At any one time, a non-profit could have multiple independent software vendors, and several payment providers, each with underpinning platforms.

Simply put, the complexity often leads to high operating costs and reconciliation problems. In turn, a nice chunk of your “donation” goes to satisfying those operating costs.

Not to mention, some of the organizations we deal with can be scammers.

Suspicious phone call, asking for donations to for a Wildlife Rehabilitation Center in Malawi? Sure…….let me just get you my credit card number.





GHOST CROWDFUNDING is a decentralized token designed to provide users with the ability to donate to charities, disaster relief programs, and fundraising campaigns without the interference of any third party or governing body.

Additionally, with your transaction taking place on the blockchain, there’s no overhead caused by added software vendors or payment processing companies. Simply purchase Ghost tokens on an exchange, and pay via our Crowdfunding platform.


Our platform will host legitimate organizations who have been vetted and approved by our team. Transactions will take place on the Waves blockchain and can be sent anywhere in the world within seconds, and SECURELY.

Keeping in mind that some are un-banked, or simply don’t have credit or debit cards. That doesn’t mean those people should be unable to fund a relative in another nation who may be in need of tuition, or can’t pay for medical expenses, right? If the user has a mobile device, tokens can easily be sent by way of the platform.

Not only are they sent, but they are held in an “escrow” account until the designed fund or project meets its monetary goal for completion. This would be set by whoever designs the charity or GoFundMe style campaign. In order to start a campaign, an organization or individual simply needs to:


Set Up a Fundraising Goal

Share your Story

Add Supporting Videos or Pictures

There will be many types of funds set up for allocation, such as:

  • Natural or man-made disaster relief
  • Illness or injury relief
  • Poverty relief
  • Funeral expenses
  • Education donations
  • Athletic team fundraising

Completing a Funding Project

Once all the goals are satisfied and funds have been fulfilled, Ghost Network will complete the project by sending those assets to a decentralized address supplied by the organizer, while applying a 5% service fee. A confirmation receipt will be provided to the organizer and attached to all completed campaigns. The advantage provided by the blockchain assures that a ledger of all transactions is maintained on the chain and can be used as a proof of allocation of assets.

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